Behind the Scenes: Winter Wonderland Advent Calenders

This year we decided to introduce a new way for you to enjoy brittle - in advent calendar form!

We've been busy at work for over a month preparing these beauties for all of you, and we hope you enjoy seeing some behind the scenes content. 

First step, we of course cook, pour, and cut the candy into the perfect pieces! Drizzling or spreading chocolate or adding the perfect dash of spices on top when needed.
(If you want to see more of this process, why not check out here and here?)

Then the cooks break the bars apart and load them up for the next part of their journey!

The candy is then lovely weighed to make sure it meets the minimum, and bagged by hand.

 Time to get sealed! (Noisy!!)

 We then have an assembly line (everyone with masks of course!) with one person folding the boxes, the next person putting in one flavour, and the next person doing another, and so on until they are finally closed up and sealed.

 And now they're ready to go! Pre-orders have begun to ship to retailers and the individual orders will start trickling out soon as well. How exciting!



If you haven't ordered yours yet, they are $10 off until October 30th! Order now!

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