Handmade Candy with Soul

Why, you may ask, is our tagline "Handmade Candy With Soul"? 

Well, the short and sweet answer is that we make traditional candy with un-compromised, old fashioned techniques. Regardless of the flavour, the craftsmanship/craftswomanship behind our candies is the secret ingredient that makes everything so wonderful. 

Making candy is no easy feat and is certainly more than just blending together ingredients. Each batch is hand-stirred, hand-poured and meticulously set to ensure that the bars come out looking like your sweetest dreams! The candy bars themselves are meticulously chosen and then hand-packed to ensure quality. 

Many different sets of hands are involved in the process that allows us to provide you with the sweetest of the sweet and because of that, we believe that behind every candy bar, is sugar (unless its sugar free!), heart and you guessed it, soul!

Each of our dedicated team members puts everything into their work. You can check out one of our newest flavours, featured in the photo on this blog post - the (GLUTEN FREE) Lemon Meringue Cocoa Bark - here:



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