Our Actions Towards COVID-19

This time can be confusing for everyone, as most people have never experienced a global pandemic, but don’t worry - we're adjusting just like you!

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our company but we have taken even more precautions during this time: 

  • We have created new and improved cleaning checklists to ensure that our workspaces are cleaned at the end of the day and ready for work the next day. 
  • Our amazing staff has been given face masks and shields for everyone’s protection. 
  • After any customer visits our store, all door handles and frequently touched objects are washed and sanitized in preparation for the next guest. 
  • We rearranged our workplace to limit contact between our workers and any other foot traffic. 


If you do decide to come visit the store (which we really hope you do!), we do ask that you follow a few rules: 

  • 1 person allowed in the store at a time
  • Additional people must wait outside until the previous customer in the store leaves 
  • Masks are mandatory

We're all going to get through this together! 

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