April 2020 - Updates, New Things, and Special Offers!

Hello everyone!

Everyone at Sweetsmith Candy Co hopes you have been staying safe!

It's been a long time since we've written a blog post! And while it may seem out of the blue, but at the start of 2020 we wanted to implement at least one blog post a month. However, the world was hit with COVID-19 and things were put on the back-burner.

However, here we are - hopefully to new beginnings! We will try to publish our newsletter on the last Wednesday of every month starting in May.

So... let's get started with this long post!

This Blog's Content:

  1. Special Offers!
  2. New Things At Sweetsmith!
  3. COVID-19: What We Are Doing At Sweetsmith?

Special Offers!

  • Our Spring Sale ends April 30, 2020!
    • 20% off EVERYTHING in our online shop!
    • Free shipping across USA&Canada when you use the code SpringSale2020 on orders above $40
    • Calgary - Free no-contact delivery!
    • Strathmore - Free curb-side pick up!
  • We have limited edition Sugar Free Chai Peanut Brittle and Sugar Free Espresso Brittle in bulk! Hurry before it's gone!
  • We also have lots of extra crumb sized pieces for Sea Salt Chocolatey Peanut Brittle - perfect for your creativity!
  • BATTLE OF THE FLAVOURS! Vote in this poll, and the winning flavour will get a 25% discount code applicable between May 1st to May 4th!

New Things At Sweetsmith!

  • We re-introduced our digital gift cards!
  • Bulk prices have gone down $5!
    (A pound of bulk is 58.8% cheaper than buying a pound of bars! And majority of our bulk is from "imperfect" pieces that we can't sell as bars - so you're helping us reduce food waste!
  • Bulk is now available for wholesale, for any of you that own a business! 
  • New hashtag! #creativewithsweetsmith - a place for all of you to post your creations with our bars and bulk. Some things we've seen:
  • Monthly newsletter and blog post, and more social media presence, all by a new author! She'll introduce herself when she is able to come back to work again! :)
  • We are testing out our points and referral program again. 
    • 5 points for every dollar spent
    • 200 points ($2) for signing up, and 100 points ($1) on your birthday
    • You get $5 for every successful referral, they get 20% off their purchase!
    • Sounds good? Sign-up here.

COVID-19: What Are We Doing At Sweetsmith?

  • Our storefront is closed for the time being, and our hours have been reduced to 8am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday.
  • Our staff has diminished from ten down to three, and they are all in separate areas of our facility. Although we severely miss our fellow coworkers, we still are doing our best to keep a smile on our faces!
  • We have always had a high standard for cleanliness and sanitization, but we are doubling down to make sure that anything that any two people will come in contact with are constantly cleansed.
  • Anything received is immediately sanitized, or with cases like cardboard, we do not touch for at least three days.
  • If anyone is to get any symptoms, they must stay home and we will  all quarantine for two weeks. 

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