The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

Introducing London Fog!

With mother's day just around the corner, this new cocoa bark could not have come at a better time! For those who can't decide if mom prefers flowers or chocolate, give her the best of both worlds with a flavour that is the perfect combination of both. Not to mention the intricate marble design of the bar itself, is the perfect way to thank the mom's in your life. 

Imagine a time where the streets are open and the world invites travel once again. Maybe you'll find yourself in London strolling the very cobblestone that inspired this bar. You may find yourself tucked away into a little coffee shop, fingers curled around the handle of a white mug. But for now, while the world sleeps, indulge in a different kind of travel. The kind you can do from home, with something as simple as a bite of your favourite bar. 

Designed with your sweet tooth in mind, you'll find the vanilla, lavender and bergamot to be a soothing blend in a delicate treat. I may be a little biased in saying this but, it honestly would be the perfect addition to any mother's day brunch. 

These bars are available individually on our website, or as part of a sweet gift basket catered and customized to your unique tastes! 


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