What even is Peanut Brittle?

Peanut brittle is a traditional sweet treat which dates back all the way to 1890 where it is rumoured to have been a cooking error made by a women trying to make toffee. But you may be wondering, what even is this peanut brittle that you speak about? Or maybe you've never even heard of it!


What even is peanut brittle?

The short and sweet answer is this; peanut brittle is a hard crunchy candy typically full of spice and peanuts. However, at SweetSmith we HAD to put our own spin on it. While we have refused to alter the integrity of century old techniques, we started to create flavours, options and ideas that were very different than what is commonly associated with the candy! A trademark in the brittle world, is that famous crunch! And boy, do we have some crunch for you! 

cookies and cream sugar free candy brittle, handmade in Canada, Calgary and Strathmore

How is peanut brittle made?

The times have changed ever so slightly since the 1890's  and thus, so has our equipment. At our shop in particular, our brittle is made using a couple of main tools. The most important and most notable being our HUGE pots; which, depending on the flavour and amount of sugar, can get as hot as 315 degrees! Ouch! That definitely would burn! 

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This next tool is just as important, if not a little bit more important, and that's our table. Yes, when you see it, it does look just like any other industrial table but! Theres a twist. Our table is connected to a water line that pushes hot water underneath the surface layer of the metal. Why you might ask? Well, once the pot is poured, we have very limited time to cut the bars before the brittle becomes too hard. Having this special table allows for more time and to ensure that everything goes out looking perfect!

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Where can I buy some?

Now that's the question we have all secretly been waiting for! While DIY peanut brittle or homemade brittle can be great too, we have over 25 different flavours to choose from! Not to mention, some of our flavours also come in a sugar free and vegan option. Nothing makes US happier than to see YOU happy; and we find that's done best through sweets! 

Some of our most popular flavours are Chocolate sea salt, Cookies and Cream, and Vanilla Birthday Cake!

And when you do try them be sure to let us know how you liked them! 


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