Want to do an honest review on your blog, website, or page?

Want to host a giveaway featuring our product?

Want to do a collaboration?

Great! Please read the below for more details, and fill out this form (this is required).


  • We do not pay for any kind of promotion service or advertising (please see below for our compensation referral program). 
  • A Sweet Smiles account is REQUIRED. More info about it and how to sign-up here.*
  • You must be a resident of Canada or the United States.
  • We only send out up to four bars for review. You can personally choose exactly which bars to send, or choose a type (vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, best sellers, adventurous, variety)!
  • Your blog, website, page, etc must have a following of at least 2000. You will need to provide evidence in these cases:
    • It is a site that does not openly show followers or subscribers.
    • In cases such as Instagram, if you are not a business you must provide us with screenshots of your analytics.

*Why is a Sweet Smiles account required?

A Sweet Smiles account gives you a referral code to use when you do reviews.
More info about the referral program is located on this page.

However, if you are reviewing our product you are able to convert your $5 coupon code into $2.50 CAD.

To be able to apply for this:

  • You must be able to accept the payment by e-transfer via a Canadian Institution. Paypal and other methods are not viable. 
  • You must understand that we can not and will not pay you for "referrals" that haven't used your referral code. This goes for some things such as:
    • Someone you referred by word of mouth, but did not use your referral code when ordering
    • Someone who forgot to use your referral code to order
    • Someone who ordered from us after seeing your post, but did not use your referral code
  • You must have been a reviewer who has filled out the form prior and has been accepted to the program. If you are a regular customer with a referral code, this special conversion program is not offered.
  • You will only be able to cash out once you have hit a minimum of 8 successful referrals ($20 worth of cashback).