What is Sweet Smiles?

Sweet Smiles is our rewards and referral program!
Your points go towards purchases - every 100 points is about $1 USD!

Once you reach any of these amounts, you can go to our Rewards panel (found on the bottom right of the website) and choose to redeem that amount. It will then generate a custom coupon just for you to use!

500 points  $5 off
1000 points $10 off
2500 points $25 off
4500 points $50 off
9000 points $100 off


How can I earn rewards?

Sign-Up 200 points
Birthday (must have signed up for at least 30 days for this to count) 100 points
Purchases 5 points for every dollar spent
Like Us on Facebook 
(must do through the Rewards Panel)
50 points
Share Our Page on Facebook
(must do through the Rewards Panel)
50 points
Follow Us on Instagram
(must do through the Rewards Panel)
50 points

What is the referral program?

When you sign up for Sweet Smiles you will get a custom referral link. To find this, simply reference the Rewards Panel.

When someone uses your link when purchasing, they will get a 20% off discount, and you will get a $5 off coupon code!

How do I sign up?

Either register through the Rewards Panel to the bottom right of our website, or click here